Global source for value added engineered production solutions. Capabilities include tool design; metal conversion; high pressure die cast; CNC finish machining; secondary, decorative and chemical finishing.

Tool Design

  • Magmasoft Flow Simulation Software
  • In House Tool Design Staff
  • Global Die Cast Die Build Standards
  • Perpetual Tool Replacement Programs
  • Program Tool Life Guarantee
  • Domestic & Offshore Alliance Tool Build Partners
  • In House Tool Maintenance

Metal Conversion

  • Striko Dynard Low Energy Main Melt Furnaces
  • Individual Melter Holders for Specialty Alloy Production
  • SPECTROMAXx Spectrometer Alloy Inspection
  • Alloys Poured: A380; A356; A360; 413; 518; A713; 714; 895-1; 384; A413.2; 515; 390; 336

Die Cast & Trim

  • Robotic Ladle, Shot, Part Extraction & Die Spray
  • Buhler Die Cast in Line Shot & Process Control
  • Dedicated Trim Press at the Machine
  • 840 Ton Extended Platen Machines for Large Die Capability

Secondary Finishing

  • Right Sized Secondary Finishing Equipment
  • One Piece U-Shaped Flow
  • Vibratory Finishing
  • Shot Blasting
  • Sanding
  • Bead Blasting

Finish CNC Machining

  • DMG Mori Seiki & Brother CNC Machining Centers
  • Horizontal, Vertical & Lathe CNC Machining Centers
  • Dedicated Multi-Spindle Drilling, Tapping and Milling
  • Mastercam Programming & Machine Fixture Design

Chemical & Decorative Finishing

  • Powder Paint, Wet Paint, Masking, Screening,
  • E-Coat Finishing
  • Chromate, Anodize, Platting, Heat Treating