Acme Alliance started our lean journey in 2001. Acme production facilities follow ‘standard work’ performance metrics and produce components in a value stream environment on globally, standardized equipment.

Value Stream Organization

  • Acme Alliance's value stream production system is established to control process flow, reduce waste and improve quality.
  • State of the Art Buhler Die Cast equipment provides the latest technologies and statistical-process control (SPC) methods.


Seven Waste

  • Waiting -  A person, a machine or a process. Overproduction - Making more than the client needs RIGHT NOW. Inventory - Any materila in our plant that we cannot sell RIGHT NOW. Overprocessing - Performing more than the client needs. Transport - Moving parts. Movement - Moving people. Rework - Making defects

Visual Management

  • A technique in which information is communicated through visual signals. 
  • The design allows immediate recognition of production the process information, in order to increase efficiency and throughput.
  • Acme utilizes 5S as part of visual management.
Keeping America Rolling; Acme proudly produces automotive and heavy truck components. Engineered components include; oil & water pump housings, transmission and engine components, powertrain system and covers.


  • PDCA (Plan Do Check Adjust), is a four step management method used to control and continuously improve quality and production processes. 
  • Plan – Hypothesis; Do – Try; Check – Reflect; Adjust – Standardize.
  • PDCA is best practiced with the use of the written word - on an A3 size sheet of paper.

Standard Work

  • Standardization is the foundation of Kazien.
  • Elements include: Takt Time - the rate at which parts must be made in process to meet customer demand.  Work Sequence - the precise order in which an operator performs a task within the takt time. Standards - the equipment & materials required to keep the process operating smoothly.

Value Stream Mapping

  • Learn to map Value and non-Value - Strive to Stability. 
  • Flow - Do whatever you can to create flow in your work. 
  • Pull - Produce only what our clients want and work to replenishment, not forecasts. 
  • Benchmark against perfection - an absolute reference.